Ingredients & Allergens

The Brigadeiro Box

Traditional - milk chocolate: condensed milk, sour cream, milk chocolate. 

White chocolate: condensed milk, sour cream, white milk chocolate. 


Dark chocolate: condensed milk, sour cream, dark chocolate.


Lemon: condensed milk, sour cream, lemon.


Coconut - Beijinho: condensed milk, sour cream, coconut.


Salted Caramel: condensed milk, sugar, sour cream

Cappuccino: condensed milk, chocolate, butter, coffee, sour cream.

Pistachio: condensed milk, sour cream, pistachio, butter, white chocolate.

Walnut: condensed milk, sour cream, walnut, butter. 

Baileys: condensed milk, butter, baileys (sulphites), chocolate.

Passion fruit: condensed milk, white chocolate, sour cream, passion fruit.


Suitable for vegetarians.

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