Vegan cake

This moist and fresh cake is filled with a juicy mango mousse

and topped with fresh fruit, a mixture of combinations to give

your summer days a fresher taste. (v) (gf)

Tropical Fruit

A very refreshing orange cake, filled with the Chef special cream

 that blends perfectly with the fresh fruit topping, 

giving charm and freshness to the cake. (v) (gf)

Vegan Yogurt 

A tasty and fresh yogurt dough, filled with our special tutti frutti

jam, a meringue topping and pieces of fresh fruit to decorate.

 (v) (gf)

6' serves 6 to 8 people - £35.00

8' serves 10 to 14 people  -  £40.00

10' serves 15 to 20 people  -  £60.00

12' serves 20 to 25 people - £76.00



*a detailed list of ingredients & allergens can be found in our

Ingredients & Allergens Guide.

Vegan cake
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