The Salgadinho Box

Our salgadinho box is a mix of Portuguese and Brazilian canapes​ - Brazilian chicken dough balls, ham & cheese croquettes, kibe, cheese balls & shrimp rissoles.

Box of 50  -  £25.00

Box of 100  -  £48.00

You can also buy it frozen and eat it later!

Add 10 kibes with cheese  (beef croquette 50gr) - £15.00

Add 10 salt cod fritters - £10.00

Add 10 mini pies (chicken, tuna, salt cod, vegetables (VG) or heart of palm (VG) - £10.00

Allergens*: Egg, Gluten (Wheat, Barley), Lactose, Fish, Shellfish

*a detailed list of ingredients & allergens can be found in our Ingredients & Allergens Guide.

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