Orange & dark chocolate cake
Ferrero Rocher 

A very fluffy and light chiffon dough with Nutella

frosting, topped with hazelnut chocolate and decorated with

chocolates and Ferrero Rocher truffles to surprise your palate.

Orange & Dark Chocolate

A rich dark chocolate cake, filled with orange cream,

a classic flavor combination that no one can resist.

Strawberry & Prosecco

A special vanilla cake, drizzled with a soft syrup that makes

the dough surprisingly juicy with a filling of strawberry jam

and prosecco, topped with icing sugar and fresh strawberries.

6' serves 6 to 8 people - £45.00

8' serves 10 to 14 people  -  £50.00

10' serves 15 to 20 people  -  £75.00

12' serves 20 to 25 people - £95.00



Ferrero Rocher Cake

*a detailed list of ingredients & allergens can be found in our

Ingredients & Allergens Guide.

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