Ingredients & Allergens

Berry Red Velvet cake: egg, sugar, yogurt, milkwheat flour, cocoa, food coloring, yeast, butter, mascarpone cheese, condensed milk, double cream, red berries. Suitable for vegetarians.

Brigadeiro/ chocolate cake: Sugar, egg, wheat flour, condensed milk, double cream, chocolate, butter. Suitable for vegetarians.

Cappuccino cake: egg, sugar, butter, wheat flour, salt, yeast, vegetable oil, coffee essence, milk, chocolate, condensed milk, double cream, coffee liqueur (sulphites). Suitable for vegetarians.

Carrot cake: Vegetable oil, wheat flour, salt, sugar, carrot, yeast, egg, cream cheese, nuts. Suitable for vegetarians.

Ferrero Rocher cake: egg, sugar, butter, wheat flour, salt, yeast, vegetable oil, vanilla essence, milk, chocolatehazelnut, whipped cream. Suitable for vegetarians.

Lemon Poppy Seeds cake: Butter, sugar, wheat flour, yeast, milk, egg, lemon, poppy seeds, condensed milk, double creamSuitable for vegetarians.

Orange & Dark Chocolate cake: eg oublecream. Suitable for vegetarians.

Salted caramel popcorn cake: egg, sugar, wheat flour, milk, double cream, popcorn, salt, butter. Suitable for vegetarians.

Strawberry & Chocolate: egg, sugar, wheat flour, whipped cream, milk chocolate, strawberry. Suitable for vegetarians.

Vegan Yogurt: wheat flour, sugar, yeast, vegan yogurt, vegetable oil, vegetable milk, chickpea water, vanilla essence, tutti fruit jelly, fresh fruits. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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